Our paydays loans are accompanied by regulations are policies which we make known to our clients to avoid any form of confusion and misunderstanding.

Borrowing responsibly

We recommend that our borrowers consider their budget first before borrowing money. Our company has limit to clients depending on their monthly income. This will enable you to borrow the amount that you can be able to repay by your next paycheck. Although most lenders allow you to “re-purchase” or renew your loan, this is not recommended, as it can lead to a cycle of loans that end up costing you much more in the long term.

Fair debt collection practices

Fast Payday Loans Company undertakes all collection activity in strict compliance with the provisions of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. Fast Payday Loans Company follows all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Applicable provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibit the following:

Threatening legal recourse when no legal action has been taken

Contacting consumers by telephone before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.

Collecting fraudulent debt through deception or misrepresentation.

Contacting clients by phone with the intent to annoy, harass, or using abusive language when addressing clients.

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Are there any hidden fees in our company?

Payday cash advance loans offer charge fees for new loans depending on the size of the loan and the credit score of the client because clients differ in their credit score. They have their agreement with each member who has joined. We expect that our clients are aware of the late payment conditions. If you are late on payments, fees start to pile up. Both sites charge $10 for payments that bounce back for payments that are more than five days late. If you want to pay with cheques, there’s another $5 fee for processing clearly, online payments are the way to go through.

Any client who considers applying for loan or getting any information about our company, we are ready to have a free no obligation consultation with you. During the session we will give you the best advice.

On online payday cash loans the clients should be able to get the each and every information. They have a right to it and our company is committed into giving every detail that you may need to know.

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